For Smooth & Corrugated Bins
The Bin Sight works well on smooth or ribbed bins.

Increased Safety
With the Bin Sight installed, you no longer have to climb the bin or ladder to see when the bin is full

No Moving Parts to Fail

Easy to view from well over 200 feet away

The Bin Sight has reflective tape that allows you to see it after dark with the aid of some light

Increased Efficiency
With Bin Sight, you can see when the bin is full so you don't plug the auger and cause unnecessary down time and expense in repairs, run the bin over full or have to climb the bin to keep checking it.

When topping off the bin, you get all of the features listed above.

Easy & Fast Installation
The Bin Sight can be installed in less than 20 minutes with "no special tools required"

Durable Construction

Reasonably Priced

Patented in the United States
US 8-720-269 B2
US 8-959-999 B2

Website Updated 3/1/2018